Air, also commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as 'Wind', is one of the aggressive resource symbols in UFS. Air is known for having the best "rushing" ability, allowing the player to discard cards from their card pool and continue playing cards consistently without worrying about progressive difficulty.

Characters such as Yun-Seong, Sagat, and Adon make use of Air's various methods of high-damage output, in conjunction with it's ways of playing attacks either repeatedly or with more ease than usual.

Air has access to several of the game's most damaging and well-rounded attacks, such as Shadow Banishment, Strike Heads, Bird of Prey, Tiger Uppercut, Jaguar Revolver, Moonbeam Slicer, and Criminal Uppercut.

Air is oft-considered either a close second, or equal with the Chaos resource in terms of momentum generation, made notorious by such cards as To the Bone (banned), Whereabouts Unknown, Hop and One-Armed Maneuvers. Generally, Air's momentum is used to fuel hard-hitting Multiple or Powerful attacks, or by *Yun-Seong or *Mai* to help pass control checks after destroying an opponent's staging area with Start Over or Begin Anew.