The UFS Banned List is a group of cards chosen by UFS officials that are not allowed to be included in deck construction for official UFS Tournaments. Players may also choose to adopt this banned list for unofficial tournaments or friendly play. Cards on the list have been determined to be so powerful either by themselves or in addition to other cards that they imbalance gameplay and thus must be removed.

Note that the current banned list is in effect for Limited, Legacy, & Standard events, though separate banned & errata lists may occur in the future.

The following cards are banned from tournament play as of 2/28/08 & UTR 1.8 Edit

Cassandra2 SC01 20/143
Defender of the Empire SC04 71/90
Dhalsim3 SF3P 8/23
Double-Dealing PA 36/45
Enlightenment SC01 120/143
Erode The Human Soul PA 25/45
Hugo3 SF3P 11/23
Kasumi Gaki SF05 39/90
Kubi Ori SF05 46/90
Penetrating Lunge SC02 39/126
Ruler of Southtown SNK02 62/99
Strength of Purpose SC02 36/126
The Noble Scion of an Odious Bloodline SNK03 108/144
To the Bone SF02 112/126
Turbo SF1P 10/12
Zasalamel3 SC1P 6/12