K's Crimson Starload

This is a K' only attack from the SNK set Fortune & Glory.



  • Keywords: Kick, K' Only
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Control: 3
  • Block Modifier: +0 Low
  • Speed/Damage: 4/6
  • Zone: Mid
  • Resource Symbols: Wind, Chaos, Fire
  • Effect: E Discard 3 momentum; If this attack deals damage, your opponent gets -1 to any control check to play an attack until the beginning of your next turn.


This card can be stocked in K' Decks as a versatile multi use platform which performs a number of useful functions for the K' player. It functions well as an easy +0 low block to take care of off center low attacks or mid throws. It's a relatively fast, easy way to pull off a 6 damage decent speed attack which is enhanceable by K's Enhance, Absurd Strength, Way of the Mightiest, Mow the Men Down, etc. A player can compel an opponent to play blocks to this card by activating the built in Enhance. Although prohibitively expensive, this forces the opponent to make a decision on whether he wishes to have his control checks hacked next turn or not even if K' is committed. It also has a check of 3, which helps keep the deck from having too many 1-2 check attacks.

The primary weaknesses of this card are its high difficulty for 6 non-throw damage. Hellcat for example is only 1 more difficulty, can come out for free, deals 8 damage, is a Throw, and has a multiple ability; however it has a 1 check. The damage for Crimson Starload is easily pumped up by Enhances. The other problem this card faces is the high momentum cost of the ability, which won't do anything if damage is not taken or the opponent plays no attacks. A K' player may opt to simply send the attack as is and save their momentum for K' and his support's other, momentum heavy abilities. These problems are mitigated somewhat by its high check and low block modifier.

The-J 16:58, 21 January 2008 (UTC)