Defender of the Empire (Usually referred to as "DotE" for short) is one of the most powerful foundations to come in the Block 2 set. It allows the player to draw a completely new hand when they have no cards.

Card TextEdit


SC04 Uncommon "Defender of the Empire"

Defender of the Empire (banned)

Card type: Foundation

Difficulty: 2

Control: 5

Resource Symbols: Air, All, Fire

Card text:

E Commit: After you completely block this attack, draw 1 card.
R: After your opponent plays a card or ability and if you have no cards in your hand, draw cards up to your opponent's hand size. Playable while committed.

Strategies with this cardEdit

DotE can be used with Dark Hado (SF04). Dark Hado's enhance lets you discard any number of cards from your hand to increase your attack's damage. You can discard your whole hand with Dark Hado, and get a brand new hand as soon as your opponent plays another enhance or attempts to block the attack.


As of November 2007's State of the Game, it has been revealed that this card will be banned in February (at the official release of Set 8, to be more precise). It can, however, still be used in decks up until that date. This ban was the source of much controversy amongst the player base, one side arguing that an errata was necessary, others arguing the ban hammer hit true, and a third side saying the card was not degenerate at all.