Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding

This is an action from the Street Fighter set The Next Level, released as a support card of Dudley.



  • Difficulty: 4
  • Control: 4
  • Resource Symbols: All, Chaos, Earth
  • Effect: After your attack played as a Reversal deals damage, your opponent loses vitality equal to the number of cards in their momentum.


Unfortunately, this card is hard to use, considering it has a high difficulty, and an okay check for an Action. However, if used in the right situation, it can be a gamewinner. When used under normal situations, you're looking at a block, then a Reversal, then this card, making the difficulty 6, best case scenario, in your average game. In that way, Absurd Strength gets the edge over momentum-heavy decks, but it has advantages of its own. Absurd Strength discards all of your opponent's momentum, making repeated uses of the card less effective. But Internal Bleeding can be used more than once, to lay the hurt down repeatedly, and the requirements to play are easier to meet. Hence, if you run it, you're going to have a Reversal-intensive deck. Just watch out when you back your opponent into a corner, you never know what they're going to.

Kamisamaa 05:28, 28 July 2008 (UTC)