K's Knee Strike

K's Knee Strike

This is an attack from the SNK set Fortune & Glory, released as a support card of K'.



  • Keywords: Throw
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Control: 2
  • Block Modifier: +2 Mid
  • Speed/Damage: 3/2
  • Zone: Mid
  • Resource Symbols: Chaos, Earth, Fire
  • Effect: If this attack is completely blocked, it still deals half damage (rounded up).
  • E Commit 1 foundation: This attack gets +2 damage (maximum 4).


This is a somewhat useful, versatile throw for K' decks. It hits the threshold for damage 2 or less for the power-ups that are sure to be plentiful in such decks, including K's built-in ability. So power it up using Mysterious Past, K's Enhance, whatever you have at your disposal. Then you can choose to superpower it or not, for 1 foundation per 2 damage. (Confirmation needed, see Discussion.) Can be a gamewinner if used at the right time. Or, just throw it out for the almost guaranteed damage if you need the momentum, which you most definitely will with K'. You're just going to have to make a choice of whether you want to power it up just enough for your opponent to waste a block.

3 difficulty is fair for a weak throw, but for its versatility, it's most likely worth it. 2 control is average, especially for a throw, so it may not be the best idea to run a whole set of them. For sheer damage, it's all right, but if only it allowed you to hack your opponent's control checks, it'd be the perfect card for K'.

Kamisamaa 07:34, 19 July 2008 (UTC)