Leona Heidern is a character from the King of Fighters series of fighting games produced by SNK Playmore. As a starting character, Leona is primarily used as the pilot of both control decks focusing around denying the opponent various play options, and hybrid decks that combine various forms of both offensive and defensive tactics.


Leona was first released in the June-August 2007 promotional prize support set for Universal Fighting System, alongside characters including *K'*, *Kula*, *Necro* and *Genjuro*. As of this moment, Leona has only one playable character version available, and has no individual card support.

SNK2P 10 17

Promo Leona, designated *Leona*. Released as part of the June-August promotional support set.

Upon her release, players were quick to realise the power of her primary ability, the negation of any ability played from an opponent's character card. For the cost of a single momentum, Leona possesses the ability to shut down or stall an opponent's key play strategy, making her a useful alternate character to switch into in an unfamiliar play environment.

To counteract the immense usefulness of this ability, Leona was given resource symbols not generally associated with immense momentum gain, namely Earth, Evil and Good, respectively. With the advent of cards such as Kunai and One-Armed Manuevers however, Leona has cost-effective methods of gaining small amounts of momentum which allow her to make use her of response when necessary.

Leona also possesses a respectable enhance ability, giving any Good attack +3 damage for the cost of committing.

Common Deck TypesEdit

Leona is generally built off of the highly versatile Evil resource, which possesses both the quick momentum fuel for her negation ability in the form of Kunai and The Merchant's Message, as well as powerful control supplements to her abilities, such as Power of the Edge, Unkown Force Lost Memories, Megalomania, Absurd Strength and Hell Slayer. This resource also gives Leona access to powerful attacks such as Messatsu Go Rasen, Shoulder Rush, Buffalo Headbutt and Kazekiri, meaning that Leona players can prepare themselves for a wide variety of opponents in a large competitive environment.

There are also more aggressive Leona builds based around Earth, and to a lesser extent, Good. The Earth decks tend to focus more upon pushing damage through with cards such as Absurd Strength, Star of The Ring and Strength of the Mountain, supplemented by splashes of control such as Red Gi and Unknown Force.

Decks based around Good tend to utilise Leona's damage Enhance in conjunction with Good's damage reduction and Reversal capabilities, such as Battle Disc System, Strike Heads, Ohicho Throw and Pirate of Ryukyu.

Fighting Against LeonaEdit

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If you are LeonaEdit

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