Difficulty: 0

Control Check: 6

Rarity: Common

Text: E Commit: your attack gets +1 speed

Number: SF02 120/126

Loving Devotion is a common card from the Street Fighter World Warriors set. It is known for having one of the best statistical ratios in the game, with a 0 difficulty and control check of 6. Not only does its 0 difficulty make it easy to spam, but its high control check make it and good addition for any deck that shares any of its resources (which consist of All, Fire, and Life). This is especially useful in the early stages of a deck, when it usually has a lot of fillers.

It's ability consists of a small speed boost at the cost of a committal, though it is not usually used for its ability, and is instead used for the purposes of passing control checks. Foundations in its stat range include Full Power, (0 difficulty, 4 control check) and Shadoloo Dolls ( 1 difficulty, 6 control check). However, Loving Devotion and Reading The Cards are the only cards with a 0/6 stat ratio. In fact, its only commonly seen stat flaw is the lack of any block.

A league foil of the card was released, as with all popular cards in the game.