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This Wiki is (or rather will be) the central place for all rulings, card pictures, news, and highlights of the popular trading card game, Universal Fighting System. This page is still in the works but it doesn't have to be for long! Look to the section Helping Out for more details. Feel free to message retched for more details and if you would like to volunteer to help

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The Universal Fighting Wiki is a wiki about the Universal Fighting System Trading Card Game. It contains individual card info, strategies, and other useful information.

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Life Life was once considered to be one of the slower resource symbols in the game. With only few characters sporting Life, it was also one of the most underused symbols in the game. In October 2006, UFS released a Soul Calibur Battle Pack, featuring Siegfried and Sophitia. Nearly all the cards in both decks contained the Life resource, opening up for new possibilities.

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October 14 2010/No Subject
Due to unexpected delays, Red Horizon will most likely be released by the end of the year.



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