A Keyword Ability

Multiple: X
E Discard up to X momentum: The player places each momentum discarded to pay for this ability into their card pool to the right of the multiple attack. Until the end of the turn each momentum placed into the card pool counts as a copy of the multiple attack with values equal to the printed values of the original and a blank text box. No control check is required and each copy has its own enhance, block, and damage step, you must go down the line resolving each multiple copy in turn until you have been through them all. If a multiple copy would go to a player’s momentum it is discarded instead. If you would create a multiple copy of a multiple copy the card that would become the copy of a copy is discarded instead.

Rulings Edit

Like Powerful and Stun, Multiple is an Enhance Ability and must be announced and played just like any other Enhance. It can be affected by anything that affects an Enhance or Enhance Ability.