Nehtali is a character from the Red Horizon intellectual property of Jasco Games. First released as a promotional card with alternate card template at GenCon 2010, Jasco Games later mentioned that the actual templates for character cards will be the same one from older sets.

Red HorizonEdit



Nehtali with the alternate character card template.

  • Difficulty: 6
  • Control: 6
  • Block: +0 Mid
  • Hand Size: 7
  • Vitality: 21
  • G: F
  • HT: 5' 5
  • WT: 124
  • BT: 0
  • Resource Symbols: Chaos, Evil, Water
    • R Commit 1 foundation and discard a block card: After your opponent plays an attack, chose 1 keyword ability on that attack. That ability may not be played during this attack's enhance step.
    • R Commit,discard a block card: After you make a control check, that check gets +X. X equals the block modifier on the discarded card.