Ryu is one of the earliest characters in UFS. He first appeared in the Street Fighter Base Set (SF01) and later appeared in The Dark Path (SF04) in his dark from. He was also featured in the Street Fighter Battle Pack (SFBP), alongside Akuma.

Versions Edit

Ryu currently has more iterations than any other character in the game, at 7. His general abilties consits of a half control half aggro. His good iterations (*Ryu*, **Ryu**, ******Ryu******, and *******Ryu*******) have a mix of card draw and control, as well as momentum gain and damage reduction in his 6th and 7th versions. His evil versions (***Ryu***, ****Ryu****, and *****Ryu*****) have mostly aggro abilities, and see the most tournament play.

Hand Size: 6
Vitality : 25

R Commit: After you block an attack, draw two cards.
E Commit 1 foundation: Your opponent commits one of their foundations

Collector's Number: SF01 55/143

Hand Size: 6
Vitality: 25

E Commit 1 foundation: If your attack deals damage, you gain 1 vitality.
R: After you fail to play a block, draw 1 card.