Scout receive these promo prize packs for running events. For each Standard event a Scout runs at a venue (to a maximum of 4 events per venue), that Scout receive 2 promos from the current Character Pack rotation. Likewise, for each Legacy event that Scout runs (to a maximum of 2 events per venue,) he or she will receive 3 Legacy promos. These promo packs are sent along with that month's prize support with the label "Scout Reward Pack" attached. Additional reward are occasionally sent as a thank you to Scouts for reporting events in a timely manner.

Note that a Scout may play in an event he or she runs, but may not be included in prize support for that event.

i.e. Betty plays in her Standard Constructed event this week. Prizes will go to the Top 4 places. Betty places 3rd. Since Betty has already received prize support in the from of her Scot Reward Packs, the 3rd place prize will go to 4th place and the 4th place prize will go to 5th place.

In the event of multiple Scouts sharing duties at an event, Scout prizes for that event are to be shared among all officiating Scouts.