Seong Mi-na is a character from the Soul Calibur series, produced by Namco. As a starting character, Seong Mi-na is generally built around her rare version from SC05, using various forms of Order control, offense, and recursion to cope with the opponent's strategy. She is noted for receiving the least card support for a set-released character in the Soul Calibur series, recieving nine cards in her debut as opposed to the typical 18 for most other characters in the aforementioned franchise.


Seong Mi-Na first saw release in the UFS arena with her promotional 1-dot version, released during the sixth set of Soul Calibur prize support (SC6P). Come the release of the fifth Soul Calibur set, "Higher Calibur", Seong Mi-Na received a nine-card support set, including a new character card; the rare **Seong Mi-Na**. These cards included:

Fighting Against Seong Mi-NaEdit

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