Shadow Banishment is a rare attack from the first set of cards from the Soul Calibur 3 franchise, known as SC01. Because of its high damage, relatively good card statistics, and its Enhance ability, this card was one of the major trade assets of the early sets, as well as a killer finishing attack.

General InformationEdit

Shadow Banishment has 3 out of a possible 5 excellent stats on it: a significant amount of damage, a welcome 3 check, and a reasonable difficulty to play the card. 7 is more than most decks these days are comfortable with playing a full playset with (if you can even get your hands on 4), but the damage potential and the card's ability make it worth its weight in foil. Although the attack's speed is nothing special, the high zone means it is that much more difficult to block.

The AbilityEdit

Shadow Banishment's E ability reads:

"E: Look at your opponent's hand and choose 1 card. Your opponent discards that card."

This kind of targeted discard is in short supply, and therefore while discard was an extremely effective tactic, Shadow Banishment provided a means of keeping your opponent away from his power cards much more efficiently than random discard, or instances where the opponent had a choice. Of course, there is now a healthy amount of anti-discard which has been pumped in by Block 2 (a good example of this is Leave at Dawn, and although said cards have yet to become maindeck features in most competitive decks, discard has since suffered from these defensive measures, so Shadow Banishment is not quite as useful anymore, although many now enjoy using it as a too-good-to-pass-up block baiter.

Strategies (With)Edit

Void players strongly favour the use of Shadow Banishment for its usefulness with selective discard. While its 7 difficulty can seem daunting, when one considers that by careful manipulation, and its own enhance effect, it more than balances out. Players wanting to maximize the effectiveness of Shadow Banishment are strongly encouraged to use discard effects in order to prevent this attack from being blocked. --DarkenAngel

Strategies (Against)Edit