Super Deadly Ninja Bees (SNK01 097/144) is an ultra-rare attack from the Mai Shiranui support of the first King of Fighters/Samurai Showdown set. In the King of Fighters' games, it is a combo-friendly special move performed by Mai Shiranui, which involves a forward moving cartwheel-like kick following by a lunging elbow strike. Super Deadly Ninja Bees is performed with the QCB,HCF+Kick command, and is available in all games that Mai is present in.


File:SNK01 097 144.jpg

  • Super Deadly Ninja Bees (SNK01 097/144)
  • 6 Difficulty / 3 Control
  • 4 Speed / Low / 6 Damage
  • Air / Life / Water
  • Desperation: 4 / Mai Only / Punch / Multiple: 1

  • Block: N/A

  • Abilities:

E Discard 1 momentum: This attack gets +1 speed for each card in your card pool that shares at least 1 resource symbol with it.


Super Deadly Ninja Bees is arguably considered to be an automatic include in any Mai Shiranui deck with an Air or Life attack base. As the card stands, its base statistics are undeniably impressive, being one of only four 6-damage low-zone attacks in the entire game (the others being Akuma's Tomoe Nage, Spin Drive Smasher and Spinning Phantom Combo). SDNB, as often abbreviated, is also the only one of this group to hold a control value of 3, making it a very reliable attack to take into consideration.

In addition, the attack becomes even more fearsome with the power of Multiple: 1, giving the opponent a second attack to face.

The Desperation: 4 also makes SDNB as easy to play as most lesser damage pokes like its lesser cousin, Deadly Ninja Bees, or card-stripping attacks like Widow Maker.

General StrategyEdit

Super Deadly Ninja Bees is an highly versatile attack that can be used in a variety of ways.

  • SDNB's base speed and damage make it much more difficult to completely block early in the game. Starter Mai can increase it's speed to 6 at no cost, and with any early momentum, any version of Mai can quickly deal up to 12 damage from the attack as early as turn 2. Don't be afraid to lead off with the card at the start of the turn if the odds are in your favour to let one loose.

  • With the use of the Multiple ability, Promo **Mai** can Stun: 2 on both attacks.

  • A much more riskier, but very intimidating and extravagant combination requires you to have a copy of Shard Attack in hand, in addition to SDNB. Use Shard Attack's enhance to increase all numbers on your next Air or Water attack (ie. SDNB) attack by 2. If Shard Attack deals damage, SDNB then becomes an 8DF/5CC, Desperation:6, 6-speed low 8-damage attack with Multiple: 3!! That there is potentially 32 damage, enough to win the game against most any other opponents if you've at least chipped them with Shard Attack first.

  • SDNB is also an excellent block-baiter, if you don't manage to push it's speed entirely through the roof. Loss of nearly, or over half an average opponent's life has the chance of pressuring the opponent into wasting vital low-difficulty blocks.