Yun-Seong is a character from the Soul Calibur series. Yun-Seong has been used in both aggro and control decks, usually dependent on the version the player is running.


Yun-Seong was first released as a tag-in promo, where you and whoever you're introducing the game to, got a copy of the promo. Immediately, many were astounded at the possibilities of a faster kill than any other character released so far.


Promo Yun-Seong, denominated ***Yun-Seong***

His continuous ability states that if he starts the game, he does not start the game committed. By itself this is a very useful advantage, especially considering his lower than average vitality. His only ability is a form ability, which for the cost of a committal, once per turn you can move all the foundations in your card pool to your staging area, and ready all foundations. This includes your opponent's foundations as well. Immediately, these foundations can be used to pass control checks or play any abilities. This allows for faster set up, and possibly dealing some damage that your opponent may not be able to block due to the early stage of the game.

Upon the release of UFS's 6th release, the Soul Calibur III: Blades of Fury expansion featured two new Yun-Seong character cards, along with his first support. His support consisted of:

Common deck types Edit


SC04 Rare Yun-Seong, denominated *Yun-Seong*

Yun-Seong has been used in aggro, control and hybrid decks. If the character version used is *Yun-Seong*, usually the deck build that works best for him is aggro, due to his ability to commit his momentum as if they were foundations to make the control checks successful and his Air, Chaos and Order resource symbols. This coupled with his foundation, Whereabouts Unknown, means that, unless the opponent can stop his momentum gain, the Yun-Seong player will be able to make many more control checks, possibly rushing the opponent with a flurry of attacks that the opponent may not be able to block. The finishers of choice for this deck style are usually Jaguar Revolver, Bird of Prey, Criminal Uppercut, Moonbeam Slicer, Tiger Uppercut, Tsunami Sabre, and Lela Mutsube among others.

Promo Yun-Seong (***Yun-Seong***) is able to play aggro, control and hybrid decks, due to his resource symbols; Air, Order and Void. A version of ***Yun-Seong*** utilizes Start Over, playing a couple of foundations afterward, then using his ability, brings his foundations to his staging area, then proceeds to play Devil Reverse, rendering the opponent unable to play foundations until the end of their next turn, even as blocks. Coupled with Fortune Teller, E.S.P. and possibly Hidden Base, this deck could lock the opponent out of the game, forcing the opponent to hard check all of his attacks.

Promo Yun-Seong is also able to play an aggro deck, utilizing his ability to use his Whereabouts Unknown first turn to generate momentum for a Multiple or Powerful attack, possibly utilizing Soul Power or Unorthodox Fighting Style to make the attack harder to block, generating the possibility for a FTK (first-turn kill).

Ultra-rare SC04 Yun-Seong (*Yun-Seong*) isn't widely used, but has a built in draw engine, recurring anything he puts in his momentum. Earth gives him access to Strength of the Mountain and Star of the Ring, thus ensuring that, save for damage reduction, all of his attacks will deal damage and eventually go to his momentum. Air gives him access to Soul Power, and the Geyser Thrust/ Unorthodox Fighting Style combo (Geyser Thrust can rid your opponent of momentum, so a later attack cannot be blocked by using Unorthodox Fighting Style's enhancement).

Fighting against Yun-Seong Edit

There are not many ways to stop Yun-Seong, but some do exist.


SC01 Common "You Will Not Escape", an action card. In some metas, it's referred to as "Uncle Mitsurugi wants you!", in reference to Uncle Sam.

If you are Yun-Seong Edit

Try preparing for these counter strikes.


SC01 Rare Action "Power of the Edge". Usually denoted "PotE" for short. Widely used by control and hybrid decks in the tournament setting.